American Colonial Timeline
Virginia company settles in Jamestown December 1606 and 1607

The Virginia company was a joint stock company. They sent 144 in 3 ships to build a new colony in North America, forty of them died during voyage.

John Rolfe 1614

John Rolfe learned how to grow a type of tobacco using seeds from the West. First crop was sold in England in 1614.

House of Burgess July 30,1619

Ten towns in a colony each sent two representatives it was called "Burgesses to assembly". The assembly had the to make local laws for the colony.

Mayflower Compact 1620

In 1620 pilgrims boarded the Mayflower. Passengers planned to settle in the Virginia Colony. Before going ashore, pilgrims drew up a formal document called the Mayflower compact.

Fundamental orders of Connecticut 1639

Hartford and two other towns, agreed to form a colony. They adopted a plan of government called the "Fundamental Orders Of Connecticut.

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