Civil War Battles


This was the battle that started the civil War. The confederacy won and four states joined the confederacy.

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1861 fort sumter

This battle started the civil war. The confederacy won and four state joined the confederacy.

1861 1st battle of bull

1st battle of the civil war. Confederates scared the daylights out of the northers by running and screaming at them. The northers ran away and stampeded over civilians.

1862 Moniter vs Merrimack

This the frost battle between two metal covered ships. The north is successful in hold off the south .

1862 Battle of Antietam

Confederates drop the plans on attacking the union. Union soldiers find the plans and attack south. The bloodiest day of the War. Union wins after the confederate retreat

1863 battle of chancellorville

Lee wins the battle ,stone wall Jackson is wounded on his left of his own.  

1863 battle of Vicksburg

The north wins and takes over of Mississippi River .

1865 battle of Gettysburg

Turning of the civil war invasion of the Northern Territory south no longer in union territory 

1865 Surrender at Appomattox

Lee surrendered to glent . This ends the civil war.

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