April 2017 Panama Cruise

Our trip to Panama Canal on the Coral Princes from 4/17/2017 through 5/2/2017.  Cruise leaves Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and ends in Los Angeles, California.

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March 2017
March 25 (Saturday)  
Finalize Excursions

This is not a hard and fast date, but the sooner your excursions are finalized the better.

April 2017
April 1 (Saturday)  
Finish Guest Check-in

Finish all *Required forms on the Princess Site.

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April 8 (Saturday)  
Print Travel Documents

Print Boarding passes, luggage tags for each passenger.  Print trip summary and any other documents required for the travel

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April 12 (Wednesday)  
Finish Packing

Finish packing most of your clothes and organize any travel documents.

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