Texas Revolution period 1
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Treaties of Velasco

1. War between Texas, and Mexico was officially over. Texas was finally Independent.Santa Anna would not take up arms U.S. Texas.Prisoners would return to homes.Mexican would return all captured property.Texas leaders would return Santa Anna back to Mexico 

2. Texas would be recognized Independent. Rio Grande river is the border between Texas, and Mexico

Battle of San Jacinto April 21, 1836

on April 21, 1836 General Santa Anna of the Mexican Army was captured by Sam Houston and his Texan Army. He surrendered to Sam Houston

Fannin's Surrender at Goliad

Colonel James Fannin, and his 300 troops were defeated because they were pinned on an open prairie (coleto)

Constitutional Convention of 1836

Texas Establishing an Independent Government 

Alamo Falls March 6, 1836

After days of battle the Texans are Defeated by the Mexican Army and it's the Fall of the Alamo

William B.Travis Letter

To the all Americans, and all Americans in this World-  States he will fight with Texas to the death to defend Alamo

Battle of Gonzales October 2, 1835

1st battle of the Revolution of Texas proved Mexican Army could be defeated

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