Woodbridge Public School Buildup

Few schools in York Region have such a long and diverse story to tell, beginning in the 1830's. This timeline shows the descriptive information of Woodbridge Public School over the many generations. The timeline will also show the different buildups and construction which has led up to the school today!

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January 1830
January 4 (Monday)  
Woodbridges first school!

Was built in the 1830s and was constructed in the form of a log building. This is where the school W.P.S all began without the first original school, we as a Woodbridge community would not have the same impact's on the students and the people that are with us today. 

September 1885
September 7 (Monday)  
School Population

The average attendance was 112 students along with 3 teachers. (smaller population compared to more developed days in 2017)

May 1894
May 3 (Thursday)  
Second school Built!

The second school was built in 1894 located on Kipling Avenue, North of Woodbridge Avenue. Initially built due to the increase in population and higher demand for student education. The school population had outgrown its original building and a larger more modern building was built and raised on the same property. (Large four room brick structure) Overall the school was upgraded to better suit the community and allow the population to feel secure knowing their children will have a successful and safe feeder school to attend.

September 1941
September 8 (Monday)  
Beginning to add to new school

The additions for this new school began in 1941

August 1949
August 4 (Thursday)  
Fire Destruction!

An unknown fire occurred in August. It was able to almost destroy the entire school and permanently burn the building. At this time it was mandatory that a new version of the school must be replaced due to the destruction. A new building was constructed on the schools present location, close to the intersection of Highway 7 and Kipling Avenue on Burwick Avenue. The remaining burned building was then sold to Hydro Electric Commission. The fire impacted the school greatly in a negative way, unfortunately the cost to repair the buildings damages were too expensive that the school board decided they would be better off selling their building along with their land and invest in a new property all together. 

February 1952
February 1 (Friday)  
Architectural Features

3 more classrooms, shop room, and a stage in the resource centre, also a new music room added. Upgrades were always needed and enjoyed by both staff and students. It was studied and understood that these extra curricular activities and availability to a larger space helped students to become successful. These increases impacted the overall generations on how to run a school and treat students.

March 1952
March 7 (Friday)  

An addition was made at the south end of the school (another increase to the building with more classrooms) At this point in the date population is increasing, more citizens are hearing about Woodbridge public, and education is still at a high demand.

March 1954
March 6 (Saturday)  
Complete Adittions!

The schools new additions were finally complete after about 3 and a half years!

March 1957
March 6 (Wednesday)  
More Additions!

A second addition was made to the school: six classrooms, Board and teachers room, storage room and extra upgraded facilities.

February 1981
February 9 (Monday)  

Many renovations were made: gym was converted into library-  new general purpose room constructed.

April 1993
April 6 (Tuesday)  
Closer to date!

Currently, Woodbridge Public School is constructed as a unique "T" shape with a lot of modern equipment available to the students at W.P.S! The present school has approximately 294 students and 17 teachers, most students were from farming families. 

March 2017
March 7 (Tuesday)  
WPS Today

Today Woodbridge Public School influences a strong community and with its newly upgraded facility it has the ability to educate and interact with students successfully.

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