Share Timelines with your Friends and Family

 Posted on 2/25/2017 by DougO in News

One of the great things about the web and social media is the ability to share your thoughts and ideas with the rest of the world. Sharing a timeline that you created with your friends, family, or online community is a great way to let everyone see and enjoy your work. 

Panda Timelines makes it easy to share your timeline to Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and other sites. At the top of your timeline you will find buttons for sharing your timeline directly to Facebook and Twitter.

To share a timeline to your Facebook page, simply click the “Share” button and a “Post to Facebook” window will pop up where you can add text to your post and then submit to Facebook. 

To share to Twitter, press the “Tweet” button and a “Share a link on Twitter” window will appear that contains information about your timeline. Update the message, if you like, and press the "Tweet" button to share your timeline. 


The Panda Timelines Team