Establishment of the Latin Empire

Six events that are instrumental in the Early Latin Empire.

April 1204
April 13 (Tuesday)  
The Sack of Constantinople

Crusaders wake up to find the Byzantine Army has evacuated Constantinople. The crusaders begin looting the city.

May 1204
May 16 (Sunday)  
Baldwin van Vlaanderen crowned emperor

Baldwin van Vlaanderen is crowned Latin Emperor. Boniface de Monferrat is unhappy because he wanted to be emperor. Latin Imperial politics begin.

March 1205
March 19 (Saturday)  
Greek Uprising

The Greeks have an uprising at Demotica and Adrianople. The Latin Army is sent to besiege the rebels.

April 1205
April 14 (Thursday)  
The Battle of Adrianople and the Capture of Emperor Baldwin I

The Battle of Adrianople is a massive defeat for the Latin Empire as their army is destroyed by the Second Bulgarian Empire. Emperor Baldwin I is captured and presented to Emperor Kaloyan.

August 1206
August 20 (Sunday)  
Henry van Vlaanderen crowned emperor

Henry van Vlaanderen is crowned emperor after word reaches the Latin Imperial court that Baldwin I has died in captivity. Henry I sends the Latin Army into Bulgaria in a counterattack. 

March 1207
March 7 (Wednesday)  
The Empire of Nicea and the Bulgarian Empire attack from the East and West

Theodore Lascaris who was Emperor in Nicea in Asia Minor forms an alliance Kaloyan. Lascaris will attack the Latin Empire from the East while Kaloyan attacks from the West. Ultimately, the plan fails.

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