Allen's Landing

Allen's Landing is the birthplace of the city of Houston—the largest city in the U.S. state of Texas. In August 1836, just months after the Republic of Texas won its independence from Mexico, two brothers (and real estate developers) from New York—John Kirby Allen and Augustus Allen—purchased 6,642 acres in the area and settled there on the banks of Buffalo Bayou

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January 1837
January 26 (Thursday)  

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A dock was quickly opened on the site, and the steamer Laura was the first ship to anchor at the landing on January 26, 1837

January 1910
January 24 (Monday)  
Ship Channel

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 United States government approved funding for the dredging of a ship channel from the Gulf of Mexico to the present turning basin four miles to the east of Allen's Landing.

June 1960
June 6 (Monday)  
psychedelic nightclub

in the late 1960s, Allen's Landing was home to the city's premiere psychedelic nightclub, Love Street Light Circus Feel Good Machine

December 1966
December 27 (Tuesday)  
Southern Pacific Railroad

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In 1967 the Southern Pacific Railroad donated 4,000 square feet of land for the park project.

May 2001
May 14 (Monday)  
The new Landing

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In 2001 the first phase of revitalizing Allen's Landing was complete.

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