Gabe's gold finding Texas time line on colonization

This is a time line on Texas history i will tell you about the exploration of Texas and the Colonization in Texas.

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1519- Texas is on the map

In 1519 a European explorers found Texas and marked it on the map his name was Alonso Alvarez De Pineda

1537: Texas get acknowledged

In 1573 Cabeza De Vaca reported to Spanish officials about Texas he believed it was full of gold and and mineral's.

1682: Spaniars settle in Texas

After almost 100 years the first Texas mission is built it helped spread the Catholic religion and formed a community.

1685: fort St. Louis is built

This was the first Texas fort and led expeditions to find more land, Explorers from fort St Louis found the Mississippi river

1718: San Antonio

San Antonio was founded, they founder there because the vast range of rivers

1731: pack up and leave

All the east Texas missions move to San Antonio because of recourse and materials.

1782: missions being built

Mission San Jose is completed and more missions are built.

1810 :independence is near

father hidalgos speech makes people want independence

1835: independence

Texas won its independence from Mexico

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