Civil war


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1861 fort sumter

This was the battle that started the civil war.the conferderancy won and four states joined the confederancy

1861 1st battle of bull

1st batttle of the civil war.confederance scared the daylights out of the northers by running and screaming at them.the northersran away and stampede over civilians

1862 monitor vs marremack

This the first battle between two metal covered ships.the north(monitor) is succeful In hold off  the south(merrimack)

1862 battle of Antietam

Confederance drop the plans on attacking the union.union soldiers find the plans and attack the south.the bloodiest day of the war .union wins after the confederance retreat

Battle of chancellorville

Union general Ambrose burnside clashed with lee.Bunside had a larger army.jackson dies from a shot at his arm  

Battle of vikisburg

Vikisburg  gains control of Mississippi River. For se vernal months, union forces under ulysses s. Grant had laid siege to the town.finally on July 4 1863, Vicksburg surrendered

The battle of Gettysburg

In June, lee began moving north with an army of 75,000.the three day battle of Gettysburg began when union Calvary .lee knew the battle was lost

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