Civil war battles


1861 fort sumter

This is the battle that started the civil war. Confederates won this battle and four states joined the confederacy 

1861 1st battle of bull run

First battle of the civil war. The confederate charged the union screaming linke banshees and scaring the daylights out of the union who made a run for it and stampeded civilians along the way confederates won 

1862 monitor vs merrimakck

This is the first battle between two metal ships . The monitor (north) held back the merrimack(south).

1862 battle of antiemetic

Confederate drop the plans on a taking the union. Union soldiers find the plans and attacking the south the bloodiest day of the war. Union wins after the confederate retreat.

1863 emancipation proclamation

President Lincoln baisicaly freed all slave states/the ones that were controlled by confederacy

1863 battle of chancellor bill

Ambrose and lee fight in Virginia town 

1863 battle of Vicksburg

In Mississippi a battle had been going on to gain control of river

1863 battle of Gettysburg

Lee had an army of 75,000 against Richmond 

1865 surrender at apamattox

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