Civil War 1861-1865
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February 2018
February 27 (Tuesday)  11:42 AM
1861 Ft.Sumter

This is the battle that started the civil war.Confederates won this battle and four states joined the confederate states of America 

February 28 (Wednesday)  11:21 AM
1861 1st Battle of Bull Run

 This is the first battle of the civil war the confederates changed the union screaming like banshees and scaring the daylights out of the union who made a run for it and stampected civilian a long the way confederate won

February 28 (Wednesday)  11:32 AM
1862 monitor vs Merrimack

The first battle with metal covered ship that also shot cannons and guns 

February 28 (Wednesday)  11:37 AM
1862 Battle of Antietam

Confederates drop plans on attacking the Union. The Union won

February 28 (Wednesday)  11:45 AM
1863 Battle of Chancellorville

Lee wins the battle , Stonewall Jackson is wounded on his left by one of his own, dies from infection. Union wins

February 28 (Wednesday)  11:48 AM
1863 Battle of Vicksburg

North wins and takes control of the Mississippi  River

February 28 (Wednesday)  11:51 AM
1863 Battle of Gettysburg

South was no longer capable of an offensive into Union Territory 

February 28 (Wednesday)  11:53 AM
1865 Surrendr at Appomattox

Lee surrenders to Grant. Ends Civil War

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