Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is an actress, a singer, and a hero to many teens and adults look up to.

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August 1992
August 20 (Thursday)  
Demi Lovato was born.

Demi was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico on Aug. 20, 1992.

September 2002
September 2 (Monday)  
Demi was on TV for the first time.

Demi was on an Barney & Friends for her first time on TV. She played Angela on Episode 6 in Season 7.

May 2004
May 12 (Wednesday)  
Demi's last episode in Barney & Friends

Demi was in her final episode. She was in nine total between Sept. 2002 and now.

September 2006
September 11 (Monday)  
She keeps getting bigger roles!

She got a role in Prison Break as Danielle Curtin. This was filmed in Texas and she was only in one episode. 

August 2007
August 26 (Sunday)  
She shares a TV show!!

Demi played Charlotte Adams in As the Bell Rings. This was the start to something that was going to be a good start.

November 2007
November 17 (Saturday)  
Multitasking it

While it was only one episode, recording two things at once has to be confusing. Demi played Nicole in Just Jordan. Season 2 Episode 6.

April 2008
April 19 (Saturday)  
She keeps going on and on

This was her last episode in As the Bell Rings. After 15 episodes she just keeps moving on.

June 2008
June 20 (Friday)  
Demi's first big break!!

Demi had her first large break when she stared in the Disney movie Camp Rock. She played as Mitchie Torres. This is also when she signed with Hollywood Records.

September 2008
September 23 (Tuesday)  
Demi's first CD!!

Her first CD got released. Don't Forget has 11 songs. Her first CD got to the number two spot on the Billboard 200.

February 2009
February 8 (Sunday)  

The first episode to Sonny with a Chance aired. She played as Sonny Munroe. She is a girl from Wisconsin who won a nationwide talent search to move to L.A. and have her own TV series, "So Random."

January 2011
January 2 (Sunday)  
Her show comes to a sudden end

On this day was the final new episode to air on TV. She was just starting to make it really big too.

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