texas revolution war
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battle of Gonzalez October 2 1835

the citizens of Gonzalez would not want to give the cannon that was taken and given to Gonzalez government it also was the first war.

William b. travis's letter" feb 24 1836

to the people of Texas and all Americans in the world fighting with texans defending the Alamo.

the siege of the Alamo feb 23 1836

all the herior defends who gave their lives there William b. travis James bowie, and deved cracket

constitutional convention of 1836

to establish an independent government.

fanning"s surrender at goliad. march 27 1836

colonel James fanning surrendered his 300 men at the battle of coleto because he was pinned on open pralirie 

battle of sen jacinto April 21 1836

santa anna was captured the next day and surrendered to sam Houston.

the treaties of velasco may 14 1836

day 1 the war between Mexico and Texas was officially ended Texas was not messed up Armes against Texas. all Mexican forces would withdraw behind the rio grande. prisoners would be returned to their homes Mexico would return all stolen property Texas return Santa Anna. part two Texas would be recognized as independent  b. rio grande river is the border.

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