Civil War

1861 - 1865

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1861 Fort Sumter

The Confederacy won the war and thus began the Civil War lasting four years.

1861 The Battle Of Bull Run

The first battle of the Civil War. The South was running and screaming like banchies at the North causing them to trample civilians.

1862 Moniter vs. Merrimack

Two ironclad ships fight until one sunk, but neither fell as the Union ship seceded.

1862 Battle Of Antietam

Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s army went against Union General George McClellan’s army in an attempt to invade the North.

Jan 1,1863 Emancipation Proclamation

To state that all slaves are to be freed 

By President Lincoln 

1863 Battle Of Chancellorville

Stonewall Jackson got shot in his arm  by his own soldier then he got his arm amputated then the Confederacy won.

1863 Battle Of Vicksburg

The North and the South fought over the Mississippi, but the Union won the Mississippi because Vicksburg surrendered.

1863 Battle Of Gettysburg

Turning point of war, Lee invades North the Union won

1865 Surrender at Appomattox

Lee surrendered to the Union The North won, ended slavery.

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