Civil war timeline
April 1861
April 12 (Friday)  
Ft Sumter

As the confederate  rebellion was growing and  capturing  forts they went to Fort Sumter expecting a surrender. They were low on supplies so they asked the union to bring them supplies but the Confederates opened fire the union surrendered on april 14 marking the start of the civil war and a win for the confederates

June 1861
June 21 (Friday)  
Battle of bull run

First major battle of the civil war this battle made general Thomas jackson get his nickname stonewall Jackson after a decisive victory for the confederates

March 1862
March 9 (Sunday)  
Monitor vs Merrimack

 First navel battle of the civil war using ironclad ships with a no effective winner since each side lost their ships

November 1862
November 17 (Monday)  
Battle of aneitam

Union troops won with a decisive victory but Lincoln was mad that they let the confederate army escape this battle led to the emancipation proclamation 

January 1863
January 1 (Thursday)  
Emancipation proclamation

Abraham Lincoln made a proclamation saying all slaves are free if the union wins the war

April 1863
April 18 (Saturday)  
Battle of Vicksburg

The union won this battle with A surrender and a big turning point of the since the confederatecy was split in half and had full control of the Mississippi River 

April 30 (Thursday)  
The battle of Chancellorsville

This battle is the fourth costliest battle of the civil war that resulted in stonewall Jackson’s death after one of his men shot him accidentally this battle resulted in a confederate victory  after the unions failed attempt at a flank

June 1863
June 1 (Monday)  
Battle of Gettysburg

This is the costliest battle of the civil war resulting in 46,826 casualties  this battle resulted in a union victory and didn’t enable Robert e lee to invade the north Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg address

April 1865
April 9 (Sunday)  
Battle of Appotmaxx

This was the battle that led to the victory of the union and the surrender of Robert e Lee’s arm bring the the four year war to the end

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