Life Timeline

Events that impacted my life in either a positive or negative way. 

October 1973
October 15 (Monday)  
First memory of family violence

Vividly remember confrontation between parents that turned physical. First time I remember seeing my father hit my mother. 

August 1974
August 15 (Thursday)  
family outing to Chattanooga, TN

Went to Lookout Mountain. Dad held me upside down by my feet over the side of a cliff. I remember that distinctly because I have since been afraid of heights. 

October 1974
October 14 (Monday)  
Sister arrives

My younger sister was born. This was a happy day as mom & dad were very loving with us and each other. 

March 1975
March 15 (Saturday)  

Mom and dad separated. Dad moved in with my grandparents.  They fought all day as he moved out. 

September 1975
September 1 (Monday)  

Dad moves back in. He and mom were happy & loving that day. 

June 1976
June 1 (Tuesday)  
Disney World

First family vacation to Disney World. We stayed a week and it was nothing but smiles the whole week (with the exception of one or two minor disputes). 

January 1977
January 1 (Saturday)  
Epic fight

Mom and dad get into physical fight. Dad punches several holes in the wall, threatens to kill mom and it ends with mom pulling a knife on dad. 

February 1977
February 1 (Tuesday)  

Mom took both my sister and I to the zoo. Where we sat in the parking lot and waited for dad and his then girlfriend to come out to his car. We witnessed dad kissing the woman. My mother confronted them where yelling and physical altercation ensued. It ended with mom telling us that dad didn't love us anymore and he wasn't coming home. 

June 1977
June 1 (Wednesday)  

Parent's divorce final and the beginning of their epic war begins. 

January 1978
January 1 (Sunday)  

Mom starts dating. For the next year, several men come and go. Dad and his then girlfriend, Celia, move in together. We are now residing with mom and visiting dad every other weekend. We are constantly subjected to negative comments from both mom and dad about each other. 

March 1980
March 1 (Saturday)  
First stepdad

Mom married Jerry Smith, a trucker she met over the CB radio and dated briefly. He has two children, Rocky and Tammy, that live with him full time also. We move from our apartment in Morrow, GA to a house in Conyers, GA. 

October 1980
October 1 (Wednesday)  
Dad's second wife

Dad and Celia got married. We were all told several days after the fact. 

February 1982
February 1 (Monday)  

Found my stepfather's stash of dirty books. No videos, but they were all material on incest. Several weeks later, I woke up to find my stepfather at my bedroom door watching me sleep. Several instances where he was overly affectionate, etc. Nothing of a sexual nature ever occurred but it made me uncomfortable.

August 1982
August 1 (Sunday)  
Divorce #2

Mom and Jerry split.  We move from Conyers, GA back to Morrow, GA into another apartment. 

October 1982
October 1 (Friday)  
stepmom wars

Celia and I got into an argument. She slapped me across the face. It was at that point that my dad told me that no matter who was right or wrong, he would always side with her because he did not want to be alone. 

August 1983
August 1 (Monday)  
First crush

The first boy I liked, who was 15 at the time. First kiss. He pressured me about sex but did not cave. He lost interest. I was heart broken.  

February 1984
February 1 (Wednesday)  

Mom tells me that my dad is not actually my biological father. She introduces me to the man who is my biological father, William Carlisle. She had apparently had an affair with a co-worker when she and my father had separated one time and I was conceived during that affair. 

April 1984
April 1 (Sunday)  
first boyfriend

Started dating my first boyfriend, Danny Carr. We met at a high school football game. He was 22 and I was 14. We, however, told my mother he was 17. We dated for over a year. My first sexual experience. 

November 1984
November 1 (Thursday)  
First job

My mother was having financial difficulty so she altered my birth certificate so that I could get a worker's permit from the school.  I started working at KFC and gave my mother $200 from each paycheck for groceries. 

June 1985
June 1 (Saturday)  
first break up

Broke up with my first boyfriend. My mother decided to take us on vacation that summer to Daytona Beach. While on vacation I met a guy, Troy Warner, whom I spent most of the two week vacation with. We traded phone calls and letters once I returned home. 

October 1985
October 1 (Tuesday)  

I recevied a phone call from Troy Warner, the guy I met in Florida on vacation. He and my mother told me they had been talking during the day while I was attending school and that they were in love. He would be moving in with us to be with my mother. 

December 1985
December 1 (Sunday)  
Mom's 3rd husband

Troy moved in and several months later, he and mom were married. Within the first two weeks of moving in, Troy tried to initiate sex with me while my mother was working. His attempt failed.  I told my mother about the incident and was told that I misunderstood his intention. 

December 1 (Sunday)  
Future husband

Started dating my co-worker, John Martin. He would become my future husband. 

April 1987
April 11 (Saturday)  

Married John Martin....moved into our own apartment approximately one week after wedding. Both still working and going to school. 

June 1987
June 1 (Monday)  
Changed careers

Left my job at KFC, quit school and started working full time for All Pro Communications, Inc. as a "telephone secretary". John started working for Jasper, Inc. (Asphalt Production). We purchased a new modular home and moved to Locust Grove, Ga. 

August 1987
August 1 (Saturday)  
Mom's alone

Mom and Troy divorce....he moves back to Florida.  She begins seeing another man and is arrested for altering her pain prescription. John and I bail her out of jail. This is the first and only time that my mother was arrested. 

November 1989
November 1 (Wednesday)  
baby on the way

Find out I am expecting our first child....due date July 5, 1990. 

June 1990
June 28 (Thursday)  
new arrival

My oldest son, Christopher, was born. Had to have an emergency c-section due to complications. Christopher was in NICU for two weeks following his birth. This was a happy day but heart wrenching when I had to leave the hospital without him. 

August 1992
August 1 (Saturday)  
Heart surgery

Mom has to have triple by-pass surgery. She was hospitalized for about a week.  

June 1997
June 1 (Sunday)  

I had an affair. John found out and our marriage was broken. We tried to stay together but could not make it work. We separated. My son and I moved into an apartment in Stockbridge. Two weeks after separating, I found out I was pregnant.

August 1997
August 1 (Friday)  

I was out shopping with my sister and I began to bleed heavily. She took me to the nearest ER. They did an ultrasound and the baby had stopped growing at 9 wks gestation. I had to have a D and C.  I was devastated. 

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