Texas Revolution period 1
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Battle of Gonzalez October 2, 1835

1st Battle of the Texas Revolution 

proved that the Mexican troops could be defeated. 

William B.Travis March 6,1836

Fighting with Texas defending the Alamo military leader of the Texas forces at the Alamo David crocket, Jim Boe were the defenders 

Alamo falls 

Constitutional convention of 1836

establish an independent government 

Fannin's surrender at Goliad March 27,1836

colonel James Fannin surrendered his 300 men in the 

battle of coleto because he was pinned on the open prarie

Battle of San Jacinto April 21,1836

santa anna was captured the next day and surrendered to sam houston 

Treaty of Velasco March 14, 1836

1. the was between Mexico and Texas was officially ended, and Texas was independent 

2. Santa Anna would not take up arms against Texas 

3. all Mexican forces would withdraw beyond the rio grand 

4. prisoners would be returned to their homes 

5. the Mexicans would return all captured property

6. Texas leaders would promptly return Santa Anna to Mexico 

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