Battle of Gonzalez 1835

It proved to Texas that the Mexican army would be defeated & independence achieved. 

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William B Travis' letter to the people of Texas & all Americans in the world

Travis wrote this letter to recruit men to help him and his men at the Alamo after Santa Anna showed up in San Antonio, February 23

the siege of the Alamo and all the heroic defenders who gave their lives there

- sam houston ordered the Alamo to be destroyed 

- James bowie and James Neil  decided that the Alamo was too important 

- James bowie and William travis began to recruit  supporters 

-  Santa Anna arrived at San Antonio 

- the texans moved into the Alamo and 13 days fought the Mexicans 

- the fall of the Alamo occurred on the morning of march 6, 1836

- 1800 Mexican troops  fought approximately 189 texans

constitutional convention of 1836

- texas delegates met at Washington on the bravos 

- to establish an independent government 

-  declared independence from Mexico on march 2, 1836

- wrote a constitution to form an interim government 

fanning surrender at goliad

colonel James Fannin surrendered his 300 men at the battle of coleto

- texas fought the mexicans off, but Fannin decided to surrender to prevent more deaths 

- captives were marched to goliad, and urrea told them they were not going to be killed but Santa Anna ordered the captives to all be shot by march 21

Battle of Gonzalez 1835
battle of san Jacinto

- April 21 1830

- Shortest battle in history 

- Sam Houston led the texas forces - 800 men

- Santa Anna led the Mexican forces- 1300 men 


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