Civil War


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1861 fort Sumter

This is the battle that starts the civil war.four states join the confederacy 

1861 1st battle bull run

1st battle of civil war.the union ran away like banshees when they heard the south’s rebell yell 

1862 monitor vs Merrimack

This is the first battle between two metal covered ships. The north monitor is successful in hold off the south Merrimack .

1862 battle of Antietam

It was the bloodiest battle of the civil war.The north won the battle but the north and south suffered heavy losses.

1863 emancipation proclamations

Lincoln signed the emancipation proclamation which it said that all slaves should be forever free

1863 battle of chancellorville

Jackson got wounding and got his arm amputated.jackson died a week later

1863 battle of Vicksburg

Vicksburg wanted to gain control of the Mississippi River because it was won of their goals 

1863 battle of Gettysburg

The south threatened the north and they fought.the union won but three Manning losses 

1865 Appomattox court house

Lee moved his army west but the north blocked there route to escape 

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