Civil War 1861-1865
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1861 fort sumter

This was,the battle that started the war .confederates won this battle and then four states joined the confederates

1861 1st battle of bull run

1st battle of the civil war .the confederates charge the northerners screaming like banshees and scare the daylights out of the northerner then stampede civilians making a run for it. The confederates win

Monitor vs Merrimack

This was the first battle of the civil war between two metal covered ships . The north (monitor) is successful in hold off of the south (Merrimack)

Battle of atietam

Confederates drop the plans on attacking the union. Union soilders find the plans and attack the south . The bloodiest day of the war . Union wins after the confederates retreat 

Battle of Chancellorsville

Lee wi s the battle , stonewall Jackson is wounded on his left by one of his own accidentally. Jackson has his own arm amputated and then looses his life from an infection

The battle of Vicksburg

The north wins and takes control of the Mississippi river

Emancipation proclamation

To state that all slaves are to be freed aberaham Lincoln stared this after the battle of anti tanim

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