Civil war

1861 - 1865

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1861 Fort sumter

This was the  battle that started the civil war. Four states joined the confederacy 

1861 1st battle of bull run

1st battle of civil war , the south wins by scaring them off

1862 monitors vs Merrimack

This is the first battle between two metal covered ships. The north(monitor) is successful in hold off the south (Merrimack)

1862 battle of Antietam

North wins by having the plans it was the bloodiest day of the war

January 1, 1863 Emancipation Proclamation

President Abraham Lincoln made his emancipation proclamation, stated that all slaves are free, after winning the battle of Antietam 

1863 Battle at chancellorville

Confederate attacks at dusk it fails and Jackson got shoot by his own soldier and he died weeks later

1863 Battle of Vicksburg

The union gain control of Mississippi River and visckburg surrendered and the union took the victory 

1863 Battle of Gettysburg

General George Pickett made an attack and it was Romberg as the picket charge only half of confederate soldiers came back

1865 surrender at Appomattox

The confederate soldiers surrender to union and the union treated the confederate generously 

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